I have been around horses since a young age but didn't start to ride until I was 9 yrs old and was 11 when I got my first pony, Flicka. Flicka wasn't an easy pony and I spent the best part of the first six months on the floor. Once a relationship had been established Flicka and I became quite a team. This is when I caught the competitive bug that was to remain until one of my own children took up competitive riding. When I went to join the army at the age of 17 what I really wanted to do was join the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery. Unfortunately the local recruiting office in Yorkshire where pushing for the regional regiment, 4 /7 Royal Dragoon Guards, which was a tank regiment based in Germany. I became a full crewman on tanks, but the draw of the regimental stables was too much and I ended up being a groom at the Rhine Army Polo Association (RAPPA), this led me to joining the Household Cavalry where I became a Military riding instructor. Whilst I was in the Household Cavalry I evented and show-jumped and was part of the Riding Staff, a team of instructors responsible for starting and training the young horses that came from Ireland every year to become part of the ceremonial team.

 It was while I was in the Household Cavalry that I was first introduced to natural horsemanship, I spent many years exploring this avenue. After nearly 20 years I have developed a process that is a mix of the best of natural horsemanship and traditional horsemanship.

 As a competitive rider and trainer of people it has given me brilliant tools to help re-train all sorts of horses from non-loaders to Grand prix dressage horses, show jumpers and everything in-between.  I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people.

 People often only see me as some one that only does loading problems, yet I have a great ability to train riders to a high level. William my own Son is 13 (as of 2012) and has been riding since he was 9 and competitively since he was 11. His knowledge is beyond his years. I feel immensely proud when ever I take him anywhere to ride as his riding ability is always commented on. William is able to “train” a pony and if he is riding and its not going as well as it should he will get off and work from the ground and then get back on. William is now jumping 1.15 1.20 and has qualified for national championships.

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Here are some comments from clients

 He does not just talk at the rider but involves them in the whole process. He not only has amazing skills with horses but has people skills as well.  Jill Day International Grand Prix rider and Trainer (Jill has represented GB on 9 seperate occasions)

 We have had the pleasure of working with Max over several years with various horses of ours that have had training issues.   His simple, yet effective approach in dealing with these issues has helped us no end.   His easy to follow steps have made dealing with problem horses and also general training of horses much more effective.  His understanding of horses psychology is unbelievable.  A true inspiration and a true horseman.  I have learnt so much from him.

 Matt Frost - International Dressage Rider & Trainer

 “Max helped me turn the corner with a hugely talented young dressage horse who I was really struggling to keep focused and relaxed in his work. His multi-dimensional approach meant that we not only worked on the horse’s ridden work, but also on groundwork to improve his obedience. He gave me the tools to work with on my own and we haven’t looked back since his visit.

 “I have worked with several horse behaviourists over the years when I have reached cross roads with difficult horses, but Max’s approach is by far the most relevant for developing the competition horse.”  

 Damian Hallam, International Dressage Rider competing at Grand Prix level.


Where to start! Richard Maxwell is brilliant on every level. Not only does he make things clear to understand and easy to follow but he emphasises from the start that you must be willing to put the work in yourself every day if you are to reap results.... Karen Smith

 Great teacher, great horseman and great sense of humour! Theo Chan

 24 years ago when I was working with Max he then a special gift when it comes to the long faced animals. One of the most naturally talented people I know when it comes to all equine matters ????Nigel Saunders

 I must have had so much advice from various people about my young boy and no matter what I tried things just didn't work. An old friend introduced me to Max and WOW my horse became polite with a completely different learning approach. Kirstie Diprose

 The first session (in 199?) completely changed my understandings, my approaches and my attitudes. Max had the answers both for me and my horse Moses and he was able to share these with us in a way that has been lasting and deep  Carol Robertson

  ??He's a genius!! I recently embarrassed him by introducing him to a friend as the greatest living horseman, Every lesson/clinic I've had with Max I've learnt more than in all my years added together. He is approachable, shares info freely and he has an amazing sense of when to push you & when not to. So you achieve way more than you expected but always feel safe Kerry Newson

 Every time, I have a little problem or issue, my head says, what would Max do? How would he react? The answer often comes: just do it, get on with it, mean it, and follow it through, always be calm, consistent and confident, the horse will respect you more and listen, it works!? ????Lorraine Lewis-Ayling

 Our talented mare had qualified for Newcomers second rounds decided at Rowallen that she did not like long water. We did not hesitate to box our mare up and travel her from the North East to Essex, where in one afternoon Max transformed our Mare in to a horse that since has never once even hesitated at a long- water.  Philip and Natasha Jones