We are Currently bringing our website upto date.

There have been a few changes over the recent years so I thought it was time to do an update. One of the biggest changes is that I now have my son William working along side me. The other big change is that I have become a qualified Masterson Method practitioner which added to the knowledge that I learnt from Andy Andrews 15-20 years ago has made working with the physical side of the horse even more amazing. William is also working towards being a certified practitioner and spends many days on the road with me attending yards such as AM Dressage, Manor House Stables and Sharon Hunt’s and many others. For more information have a look at the Bodywork page.

 For those that don’t know me, a bit about my background. I started riding at the age of 9, I got my first pony when I was 11. When I was old enough I joined the army. I started off in a tank regiment were I became a full crewman on tanks (every boys dream) then the draw of the horses became too much and I transferred to the Life Guards of the HouseHold Cavalry. Whilst in the Cavalry I became a riding instructor and was also part of the remount staff that backed the Cavalry blacks that came over from Ireland. I was in the Cav at the time Monty Roberts introduced his new way of starting horses. This was my first introduction the “natural horsemanship”.

As a horseman I pride myself on constantly evolving and over the years I have learnt to take the best out of natural and traditional horsemanship to come up with what I think is a great way of training horses.

One of the things that became apparent as I started to work with “problem” horses is that why would someone’s horse that they had owned and ridden without any issues suddenly develop issues? I personally don’t believe that a horse has it in his makeup to wake up one morning and think..I have had enough. There had to be more to it. Over the years I have realised more and more that a horse’s behaviour changes when pain is involved, now like people some horses have bigger hearts than others and work on regardless of any issues and then you have others that can be a bit woosy and down tools at any opportunity. 

It was because of this that I started to look at the physical first. I was lucky to meet Andy Andrews and then Jim Masterson, with these two processes I am well equipped to check horses over and to deal with any tension/impingement issues.

99% of horses I go out to have issues somewhere or other.

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing horses and amazing people ranging from Olympic horses to the pleasure horse and every horse in between.

I hope you enjoy the information on the website and please feel free to email my wife Sam with any queries or appointments.