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Hypnotherapy or Hypno-coaching
(as I like to call it.)

Using hypnotherapy techniques to ‘quieten’ the rider’s mind can have a profound affect on the riding experience

“Hypnotherapy has helped me beyond worlds. my mindset and nerves before I go in the ring have completely changed. Before my nerves would take over and I’d make stupid mistakes, where as now I’m excited to go in the ring and back to being competitive and wanting to win.”

Hynpocoaching Horse Rider

“If you had said to me a few years ago that `I would train to be a hypnotherapist I would have laughed. Sometimes things really do cross your path that changes everything.”

This was one of those things. my wife Sam was invited to a networking “how to make your millions’ seminar and one of the guest speakers was David Keys, a coach using hypnotherapy and NLP. He was offering a free training day which Sam attended, when she came home she said it was amazing and that she thought it would fit nicely for me in what I do working with troubled horses and their owners who have often lost their confidence.

Understanding the power of the mind

So off I went to a free taster day…Sam was right and it blew my mind. I signed up for the program and spent the next 18 months studying and training. In Feb 2017 I got my certification.

What this has done for me and my clients has even shocked me, I am not going to lie…it does freak my out a bit. The mind is a very powerful thing.

I have now worked with riders that have lost their confidence to riders competing at the top level who could do better if their nerves didn’t get in the way, with outstanding results

Not just horse related

I have worked with totally non-horse related issues such as anxiety in the work place, anger issues and ptsd.

I have decided that I would like to specialise with the above issues, in both horse and non – horse related areas. I am not so keen on working with addictions such as smoking and food.

Helping both men and women

I am also so pleased that I have now worked with almost as many men as I have women. Men can be so hard on themselves and think that its a sign of weakness. There is now a huge of awareness around Mental health being a big killer of men I am very pleased about this. I think it helps that I’ve been a soldier and I’m just a bloke. Also the way I work you don’t have to tell me what it is that’s bothering you, I can just work on quietening your will be amazed at how powerful that is, and once you have a quiet mind you may find you have lightbulb moments.

Helping myself

I had a serious head trauma around 13 years ago where I damaged the nerves on my frontal lobes, the side effect of this is that have lost my sense of smell and I now suffer from depression, which is the worst thing ever. Since doing the course and working with clients I have been able to be weaned off medication. Because hypnotherapy for me is about how to quieten the mind I have been able to learn to relax, be quiet, don’t get me wrong, there are days when its there, but it is no longer crippling.

Riding nervousness

“I sought help from Max as I’d really lost my nerve with my horse due to a previous accident. I had a hypnotherapy session with Max and immediately afterwards I wasn’t sure if it had made any difference. However when I rode for the first time after the session I felt full of confidence and the nagging doubts I used to hear in my head were replaced with really positive thoughts! I took my new found confidence and took my boy out competing 3 weekends in a row and came home with some red rossettes!”

Mother son bonding issue

“Max has transformed my relationship with my son. I had PTSD after a difficult time having him, I found it difficult to bond and preferred others to deal with him. It simply wasn’t healthy! Max changed this, from the drive home in the car all I wanted was to cuddle my son.

We have a strong bond now, he’s my world!! I can’t thank Max enough.”

The Sessions

Horse hypnotherapy session


The first session is roughly 70-90 minutes. Following sessions are generally much quicker. Some people cant wait to get into that quiet state, I only have to start talking and they are in their quiet place

Horse hypnotherapy session


Some clients have benefitted from one session and haven’t needed a 2nd session. Others have wanted/needed 2-4 sessions. You are totally in control of that.

Horse hypnotherapy session


I do the hypnotherapy from home (CB9 7AT) if its an individual client or I can travel to a yard/office and work with a group that would like hypo-coaching, I’ll work with you individually when I am there.

Horse hypnotherapy session


First session is £150 (approx 90 mins). Subsequent sessions if you feel that you need them are £100 per session. Only you will know if you need a few sessions to cement the feelings. The most anyone has needed is 3.