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Generally speaking I like to start all consultations in the stable, where I will meet you and your horse, I will talk through the session with you and what you can expect.

I will also check him/her over for any areas of tension that may be causing your issues. As a bodyworker I would then work on any areas of tension. Once that is done we will get to work in the school, depending on what you have called me out for I will tailor the session to those needs.

You will also be given FREE access to the relevant videos Max has online that will support what you have learnt on the day.

“Max has completely changed the way I work with and even think about horses and I am so grateful to have been able to learn from him. He is so open minded and every time he visits has something new to share. What I have found really useful about training with Max is that he really understands competition horses and how they need to perform. All of the training is building a foundation for a strong, supple horse with a trainable brain. I have applied the things he has taught me to dozens and dozens of horses I’ve worked with.”

Louise Stobbs

Competiton Horse Training

The Sessions

Horse hypnotherapy session

Consultations are approximately 3 hours, (there is a 4th hour available if I feel that it is needed). They are locational sessions designed around one owner and their horse for common handling and ridden issues, the most popular being loading issues.

Horse hypnotherapy session

I will work a loading problem to a conclusions so that the horse will load and with both me and the handler. There will be homework to do to cement the work. This well need to be done for 7-10 days after the visit.

Horse hypnotherapy session

With all other consultations you may need a follow up, this is not often – as long as homework is done we have a very high success rate for ongoing success.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not work with traffic issues, farrier issues or clipping issues.

Equine behaviour consultant in Essex

Equine behaviour consultant Norfolk

Equine behaviour specialist

Richard Maxwell - Equine behaviour specialist


I will begin the session with bodywork, this is so that I can rule out any tension that may be causing an issue. I will then work your horse in the training halter in an area away from the transport. This is to teach your horse the principle of pressure and release.

Once your horse is working well I will take him/her to the transport and work through the issues. Once loading, standing on and walking off quietly I will then work with you, the owner/handler to make sure you are confident to proceed once I have left.

There will be 7-10 days homework to ensure that you have many years of stress free loading. Ideally the box/trailer must be parked on a safe surface – NO CONCRETE OR GRAVEL.

In some instances there may be a follow up required, this is normally if you run into trouble after I have gone (this is a very rare situation) or if your horse has issues being shut in, you may have to work up to this. (again this is very rare) In these instances there will be an hourly charge, not a full consultation charge.

If I am unable to load your horse there will only be a call out fee, the cost of this will depend on how far away you are.


Handling isn’t just about having a polite horse, it’s about being safe. It’s also about teaching your horse to respect you as their handler without being afraid or worried. You need your horse to be focused on you so that if something arises that has the potential to be scary they don’t go into their own world and make it ten times worse but look to you for re-assurance.


This covers all areas of ridden work, from basic schooling, mounting issues, rehabilitation after injury and nappy/spooky behaviour. I will teach a series of groundwork techniques to get your horse more emotionally and physically dextrous. Often when it goes a bit pear shaped with horses it helps to go back to basics and re-build them both mentally and physically to be able to cope with what is being asked. You can email Sam in the office if you would like to ask about more specific issues.

Follow Up Sessions

Where recommended follow up sessions are on an hourly basis, since the hardest work will already be in place. Shorter sessions can be booked when I am in your area.


Consultations – £400

This includes travel time of up to four hours of home and expenses, a bodywork session, a training halter and the session itself.

There is an additional charge of a £100 for visits in Scotland towards travel and accommodation expenses

25% non-refundable deposit to be paid to secure a booking.

Purchase of a 12 foot rope is recommended to continue the work once I have left.

Social Media

Although I encourage people to video/photograph their sessions to refer back to, I would ask that you do not post on social media without running it past us first.

We do always appreciate feed back and updates. You can either do that by emailing us or posting on our Facebook page.