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About Richard Maxwell

From non rider, to horse mad child and teenager to soldier to right now:- learn more about my journey and how I can help you and your horse.

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Learning more about the power of the mind has been a revelation to me. I’m excited about how this can help riders of all types.

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Ropes and halters made from high quality braid on braid rope. Ropes and Training halters made in house. Enquire for bespoke sizes and lengths

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Forthcoming Events

Demonstrations throughout the UK  showing the basics of the training process that has helped many horses over the years. Showing where training can lead to and how to connect ground training to the ridden horse.

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I am an Equine Behaviour Professional who teaches you and your horse tools to improve with.

Loading Issues? Napping ? Bucking?

If you are experiencing any of the above my training can help. The basis of my training process is based on pressure and release and by using this I can get the horse to switch from his sympathetic nervous system, which is their instinctive, emotional and juvenille part of their brain to their para-sympathetic nervous system which is their calm, co-operative and learning part of their brain.

It is important to me that you train a horse to switch from one to the other, for them to learn that if they have a moment of high stress they can come back to a place of calm. If you do not teach a horse how to do this they will fuel their worry and stress with more worry and stress which is natural and normal for a flight animal. I wanted a process that taught this to the horse but did not compromise the relationship.

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What’s new for the future

I have finally decided to join the 21st century and start to put things online. I didn’t want to set up a program as there are quite a few of those out there but I do want people to have access to the information. I have come up with a plan where there will be an option to just purchase a video or series of videos that may be of interest to you. Or you can subscribe so that you have access to all videos including videos that will be added on a regular basis, I am also going to set up a closed Facebook page for subscribers to that they can communicate with me, post videos for me to asses and help with if you have got stuck.

In the videos I will cover the basic halter and ground work that I use as the corner stone to solving 95% of any issues that arise, plus advanced groundwork which will teach the horse horse to carry himself, become more engaged, more even, all with good energy, it will also teach them to become more emotionally and physically dextrous, this encourages the horse to take more responsibility for themselves.

Getting good at these techniques will help:-

  • The problem horse
  • A horse that needs to be rehabilitated after injury
  • The sport horse to become more athletic and dextrous.
  • It is also a very effective way to start a young horse off.

I have used this process on horses working at grass roots to horses competing at Olympic level, most importantly it will not compromise the training you already have in place.

There are no quick fixes here, but if you teach your horse to work through a situation and be calm again after it is a good start. Then the due-dilligance of training starts. Your horse will be more open to working through issues as they arise in training, which again is normal.


Issues are not resolved by one clinic, demo, bodywork or consulation. I evaluate your horse & teach you the tools to improve on a daily basis at home.