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Max-Gut Health

Working with problem horses over the last 25 years it has become apparent that there is a huge link between gut health and behaviour.

Although there are products on the market that help the horses gut and the acid in the gut, the hind gut has alway been a worry. I was introduced to a product in 2018 that supports the hind gut as well as the overall health of the digestive system. I have trialled this product myself over the last year on my own horses and client’s horses. The feedback has been excellent.

Max gut-health has one important job and that is to keep the good bacteria in the hind gut prolific and abundant, this allows the bacteria to break down fibre really efficiently and absorb nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

This stability in the hind gut environment stops the over production of lactic acid which leads to acidosis, by doing this the hind gut stays ph neutral which stops acid from damaging the hind gut and reduces inflammatory responses systemically. If this is not kept in check the lactic acid overwhelms the liver by giving it too much to do.

Controlling the lactic acid and inflammation around the horses body is the key to gut comfort, general health and performance. Getting the hind gut comfortable and consistent can also help to reduce some behaviour problems and other issues such as some skin conditions

If your horse is severely systematically challenged it can take a couple of months to reset their system. (Horse in photos would have these skin breakouts, and everything was tried. 4 weeks on MGH at double the quantity recommended and and then dropped to recommended has seen a massive improvement without signs of it returning.)

It is safe to use under FEI competition, it is extensively NOPS tested.

NB. This is not a product to help ULCERS you would still need vet advice and protocols for this. MGH though can be used in conjunction with vet recommended treatments to support the hind gut.



Max Gut Health

Training halter £35+pp

Handmade in house, this pressure and release halter is made of the highest quality 8mm marine braid on braid rope. We use this rope so that you get an instant release as it is quite slippy. If the rope is rough then it has the potential to catch and will slow down the release of the halter which then cheats the horse when he gives you the required behaviour.

The halter work I do with these halters is the cornerstone of everything I do, they are excellent for teaching your horse to lead, load and to work through situation to enable on going training. I generally put them on over a head collar, the nose band of the halter sits just about the nose band of a well fitted head collar, this will help to keep the halter in place so that it doesn’t slip down to the sensitive part of the nose.

The halter comes with a link to an online video that shows you how to put the halter together and how to introduce to your horse, if you supply your whatsapp number we can send the link to your phone so that you have the information at hand when you are at the stables. It will also be sent to you by email.


Training Halter 1

12ft (approx)Training rope £40+pp

This is an essential training tool, it is made from 14mm braid on braid high quality marine rope. Its the perfect length and weight for early training when you don’t want the horse to far away from you. It is also a great length for horses that have the potential to be tricky in hand as if they do misbehave you have time to get out of the way without losing them. If they are tricky in hand it would be worth looking at the groundwork videos available to purchase on the online videos page.

All ropes come with a clip and a leather tassel (If the clip breaks we will repair for the cost of the clip and p&p; call for quote).


Training Rope 12ft

24ft (approx) Training rope £45+pp

This is my go to rope when I am looking to work the horse more at a distance and more advanced work , it is 10mm braid on braid high quality rope. Videos available on the online learning page for training ideas using the 20ft ropes.

All ropes come with a clip and a leather tassel (If the clip breaks we will repair for the cost of the clip and p&p; call for quote).


24ft Training Rope

Longlines £45+pp

This is a pair of 30ft lines similar to lunge lines, the difference is the length, the longlines are 10ft longer to enable the outside rein to go round the horse.

Long lining on a circle gives far better control creating a more even, balanced horse both physically and mentally.

NB: colour depends on stock


Pair of Longlines

Horseman’s halter £20+pp

We do not make these halters as they are quite a specialist halter, they are made from 6mm rope.

I use a horseman’s halter once I have trained to a horse to yield to pressure. I use it for lunging and also with youngsters in the early stages over a bridle.


Horseman Halter

Horseman’s string £12+pp

A slip 6ft string made with 6mm marine rope. I find this such a useful piece of equipment, I use it for many things; a neck strap, I tie stirrups together when I am long lining, also essential to using the long lines in positions 1&2.

There is a video on the online learning page that shows all the uses.

Price including delivery to specified area

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Over & under £7+pp

This is to create forward movement in the horse when riding. It is used in an over and under motion (like the cowboys do with their reins one leaving the town at speed). It is made with a loop to fit over your wrist and has very soft ends as it’s visual stimulation that causes the forward moment, if you get it wrong you don’t want to sting the horse.

There is a video on the online learning page if you want to see how it works.


Over and under rope

Instructional Videos

I have created a series of videos that share my principles and techniques, these are available as a series or individually.


online video training